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Murray Anthony Roth

Murray Anthony Roth is Co-Owner and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Upperline Entertainment


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Murray Anthony Roth is Co-Owner and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Upperline Entertainment, LLC, and he is a Producer on Upperline motion picture projects.  He grew up in Metairie, Louisiana, and he majored in business administration at LSU before obtaining his Juris Doctor law degree from
Loyola University Law School in New Orleans.  He currently resides in St. Tammany Parish, and he is a licensed Attorney in Louisiana and member of the Louisiana Bar since 1995.  In 2002, Murray began developing a specialty in Entertainment Law, and in 2006, he co-founded Upperline Entertainment to begin producing motion pictures also.  In addition to producing films, Murray Roth also serves as Of-Counsel for the intellectual property and entertainment law firm of Pailet & Ostendorf, LLP in New Orleans.
Murray Roth is very knowledgeable on the business, legal and logistical aspects of producing feature length motion pictures, and he has and continues to produce many film projects including the upcoming feature length SAG Indie "All American Horror."  Over his many years in the industry, Murray Roth has also acted as legal counsel and/or associate producer on many other film projects, and Murray will be producing many more Upperline motion pictures in the years to come.


Co-Owner Upperline Entertainment.

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