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W2G Publishing

W2G Publishing


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W2G Publishing (Write2Grow LLC) is a Luling, Louisiana publishing and technology company.

Write2Grow began as a non-profit organization (thus the “.org” moniker) dedicated to using technology tools to help Louisiana children learn to read and write by having them participate in the authoring of their very own book. After struggling for several years to raise money, we came to the conclusion that, despite its heartfelt mission, it was nearly impossible for a non-profit organization with no track record and no academic ties to raise funds to support its cause.

Rather than abandon its goals completely, W2G pivoted its business plan to become a for-profit business, and using a portion of those for-profit activities to support its non-profit goals. That begat another challenge - the business had to earn a profit. W2G has developed and delivered a number of projects around its core mission. The company has developed iPhone Apps, websites, video games, museum exhibits, CD-ROMs, eBooks, soft-cover books and many other projects in its charge toward success. As of 2013, we are profitable and cash-flow positive.

Today, W2G’s most successful mission has been helping to get young authors published. We expend most of our energy editing books, and turning those books into softcovers and eBooks that you can buy from most major outlets. We also act as a service bureau for other publishers and agencies that require services from web hosting to book editing to photography.

Some of our most popular titles and authors include Edwin Edwards, Leo Honeycutt, Poppy Jackson, E. Azariah and Oak Alley Plantation.

We are:
Write2Grow, LLC / W2G Publishing
229 Beaupre Drive
Luling LA 70070 USA
(504) 302-0818


Publisher of Imaginary.

Publisher of Rapture.

Publisher GEMINI.

Publisher of eBook: Edwin Edwards: The Authorized Biography by Leo Honeycutt.

Poppy Jackson


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