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Represented by an ancient mark of unification, HYPH3N strives to bring together the best of the best. We are uncovering dynamic new artists, revisiting the works of modern masters, watching new galleries as they grow & staying on the pulse of the world’s most influential art connoisseurs. Hyph3n is rooted in New Orleans & tied to LA, San Fran, NYC & DC. Nothing is more beautiful than the driving force that ties-us-all. We are here to expose it.

Hyph3n will have a global presence in the arts scene with deeply entrenched roots in North America’s leading art markets—NYC, San Francisco, Vancouver, New Orleans, and Charlotte. We are dedicated to giving emerging and established artists a place on the world’s stage. Hyph3n-Art will provide a mechanism for artists to land in the hands of collectors across the continent.

Hyph3n-Art is preeminent in our perception of growth. With public and private gallery spaces, a one-of-a-kind art press division and artist residency home, Hyph3n will be the missing link between the vast world of art and you.


Carly Hammond

Oak Porcelli

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