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Frazer O'Hara

Independent Media Production Professional


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Professionally, I have been doing full production services for NORD Children's Theater and Crescent City Lights, as well as a local fishing show for Cox sports television with Captains C.T Williams and the late, great, Barry Brechtel. 
Recently I have been in the field on a documentary about U.S. Non-judicial Deed-of-trust foreclosures and the eviction epidemic of hard-working low-income families that is sweeping up after the housing bubble mess that WAS MADE when the inflating finally popped... I am seeking post-production collaboration with anyone interested in, or already working on this subject, and resources (namely a small storage capacity for 5-10hrs digital footage and a mac with standard iMovie) to begin editing.

Specialties:Final cut, B&W Photography/ Darkroom, Adobe After Effects, Singer Songwriter, Documentary Journalist/ Ecology, Anthropology, Philosophy, Biology and Communication.


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