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Mark LeBlanc

Production Sound Mixer at Louisiana Film Sound


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I'm a Production Sound Mixer in the Film and Television Industry. I purchased my first 4 track recorder in 1984 and have been multitrack recording since. Got my Undergraduate Degree in 1989 and completed my Masters Degree in Music Theory in 92. I packed up and moved to Palo Alto Ca where I spent the next few years working for Opcode Systems in the R&D Department. With the release of Studio Vision it marked the last time I recorded Analog! 

In 2001, I joined the faculty at UL Lafayette teaching Music Production and Audio Post Production. A few years later a happy accident found me on the set of my first movie, "Macumba" (Zombie Farm) and have been a Production Sound Mixer ever since.

I was primary Sound Mixer for Sundance Winning and Oscar Nominated "Beasts of the Southern Wild".


Production Sound Mixer Louisiana Film Sound.

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