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Richard Sexton

Author, Photogher


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Born 1954 in Atlanta, Georgia

Studio based in New Orleans, Lousiana

Residences in Walton County, Florida and New Orleans, Louisiana

Richard Sexton began photographing while he was an undergraduate student at Emory University and is predominantly self-taught as a photographer. He was an early member of the Nexus Gallery in Atlanta, a cooperative photography gallery, which began in the 1970s and has since become a pillar of the Atlanta arts community. After he graduated from Emory in 1975, he attended the San Francisco Art Institute in 1977 and 1978.

In the late 1970s Sexton became disillusioned with his art school experience and decided to discontinue his pursuit of a graduate degree in photography. He began working as a darkroom technician in photographic labs. In 1980, with marginal prior experience, he began a commercial photographic career in San Francisco and chose to specialize in the photography of architecture-a subject that had always interested him. Over time, he came to work for some of the leading architecture/design firms in the Bay Area and his work was published in many local and national architecture and design magazines. One of his first major commissions was to photograph the "Presence of the Past" exhibit of the 1980 Venice Biennale which traveled to San Francisco in 1982. This was regarded as the seminal exhibit of postmodern architecture in the United States.

In 1984 Sexton developed the concept for a photographic book to consist of a diverse selection of noted American products that had become defining components of contemporary American popular culture. With the help of Thomas Ingalls, a prominent San Francisco-based book designer, he succeeded in selling this concept to Chronicle Books, a rapidly emerging San Francisco publisher noted for producing innovative, and frequently quirky, illustrated books. This book, Sexton's first, was titled American Style: Classic Product Design from Airstream to Zippo. Published in 1987, it began a relationship with Chronicle Books that continues to the present and expanded Sexton's career from that of a commercially successful architectural photographer, to an author, as well.

Book projects would become a mainstay of Sexton's career. In 1989, Chronicle published his second title, The Cottage Book, which documented the tradition of cottage living and design in the San Francisco Bay area. Two years later Sexton completed In the Victorian Style, in collaboration with architectural historian Randolph Delehanty. This title was devoted to the domestic Victorian architecture for which San Francisco is so well known.


author of Creole World: Photographs of New Orleans and the Latin....

Historic New Orleans Collection.

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