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Hoochie Mammas (The)



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What Rock & Roll is all about....F#(&ing, fluffing, and fun.....Originals inspired by the lifestyle, The covers are loved by all. The Hoochie Mammas are all about that.....Rock & Roll presented in an energetic, authentic, and unbridled form. The line up is nothing but 1st rate musicians and performers. Craig James Juneau- Savage White / Hagan. Savage Joe Conforto- Savage White / Escape. Christian Novak- Deep Down Enzo. Joey Marceaux- The Homeboys, The Steve Hill Project. There you have it, The Hoochie Mammas.

A wide range of music can be called Rock & Roll. The Hoochie Mammas bring it with a style long forgotten in the SE LA. area. All seasoned musicians that have a reputation for smash mouth Rock & Roll, The Hoochie Mammas mix it up with a wide range of both new and old classic rock tunes that exude what Rock & Roll is all about.


Band Members
Christian Novak - Guitar & Vocals
Savage Joe Conforto - Bass & Vocals
Joey Marceaux - Drums & Vocals
Mishell 'The Red Diva' Hoffman - Lead Vocals

New Orleans


Savage Joe Conforto, bassist from Savage White, Escape, & Face Down....

Current Location
New Orleans LA.

General Manager
Zombie Productions......
or booking The Hootchie Mammas call....

Zombie Productions 504-579-6832


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