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Frigg A-Go-Go



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'Not so much influenced by their music as their tenacity to keep going. Lots of people talk sh-t about them, but it's all teenage rebellion against the parents of the present Lafayette music scene.' 

- Byron Tatman, guitarist The Object at The End of History 

'I like Frigg a lot. We gigged with 'em at Toys sometime last November. Ronnie has excellent stage presence. And Dave (Hubbell) has been playing their new stuff on Now Hear This lately. Great stuff.' 

- Joey Tuminello, bass and vocals, Destroyed by Fire 

'Frigg has been one of my favorite groups in Lafayette for a long time now. I'm proud to know Ronnie as a musician and a friend. He sold me my first real amplifier. I can't say that anything that they do is truly original, but I totally dig their style and stage presence. They may be old hat, but it's still rock 'n' roll to me. I'm probably more influenced by them than I'd like Ronnie to know.' 

- Justin Guidry, guitarist and lyricist, Told by an Idiot 

'Frigg has been holding it down for longer than any of us can imagine - like 1990 and sh-t, tons of tours and releases also. I am proud to know them and have had them play my club. They definitely have influenced the way I DJ at live shows.' 

- Judd Kennedy, owner, Renaissance

General Manager

Steve Wilkerson


RIYL: The New York Dolls, The Rolling Stones, The Stooges, The Make-Up, MC5, Question Mark & The Mysterians


Ronnie Ramada
- Vocals, Guitar, Percussion

Sir Chritian Leo
- Keys, Brass, Vocals

Jeremy Steward
- Bass, Vocals

- Drums, Vocals

Previous Members.

Del Shaz

Benard Pierce


Current Location

Lafayette, La.


Rock N Roll


Lafayette, La.

Record Label



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