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Johnny Angel and Helldorado

Western Swing


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Legend has it that the term, helldorado was coined by a disgruntled gold miner during the infamous gold rush on the West Coast. The miner said that instead of finding their 'El Dorado of Riches’, they ended up scratching out a living doing what ever they could from shoveling manure to washing dishes, they instead had found their Helldorado.

Johnny Angel and Helldorado, a Western swing outfit, plays music with the grit and fiery intensity that the miner who coined the phrase 'helldorado' meant. This 6 piece band features a pedal steel guitar, fiddler, lead and rhythm guitar, upright bass and drums; and draws influences from traditional country, rockabilly, and of course Western swing. Listening to Johnny Angel and Helldorado captures the energetic western grit that conjures the image of a train driving full speed into a tunnel where there is no light at the end.

Johnny Angel and Helldorado ain't your daddy's country Western swing band. Johnny Angel and Helldorado whips the audience into a dancing frenzy while paying homage to that gold miner who never did find his 'El Dorado of Riches'.

Members: MUSICIANS on the Deuce Records EP- "READY SET...HOLD ON!" MarkAlain Dery: Bull-Fiddle Kit Keen: Drummer Ron Reiss: Pedal steel guitar Dave O'Keefe: Electric guitar and harmony vocals Kenny Klein: fiddle and harmony vocals Brent Melancon: Electric guitar Johnny Angel, Songwriter, lead vocal, acoustic guitar, banjo Special guests: (LIVE SHOWS) Matt Bell: Electric guitar and vocal harmony Michael Harvey: Fiddle Steve Spitz:: Pedal steel guitar OUR NEWEST MEMBER: Ld. Guitarist: Ben Rosow


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