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Team MFN

"Musician's First Nation"


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Credits: "Heart of The City (WHODAT)" New Orleans Saints, Jarren Benton (Funk Volume), Young Dirt (Capitol), Butta B-Rocka, Trademark da SkyDiver (Jetlife), Max Minelli, Ness Lee, King Malachi x Jawz of LIFE x Shred TVT (DungeonFamily/DungeonEZE), BIGREC, TOM P, Playboy Tre, 4-IZE, Jon Mercure, Nonstop & DRAGON HOUSE

Manager (Mousa504, Street Customs) 
Attorney (Benjamin Walden)

What does MFN means, exactly...? It depends on how you know us..."Musician's First Nation" ,"Major Fiscal Numbers", if you wanna work with us, it stands for "Music For Negotiation."

MF'Ntertainment or "TEAM MFN - We're the producers" (You gotta say the whole thing!) is Ace Wonder - the Influence, Johnny "FaceBook Famous" Brasco, & HANNIBAL THE BEAT ANIMAL. The trio of multi-talented instrumentalists, hailing from New Orleans, LA, has been doing music professionally for 15 years. They are producers, singer/ songwriters, engineers, video/graphic editors, & marketing geniuses that specialize in making great music & developing new talent.

At the University of New Orleans, Ace & HANNIBAL were mentored by Jazz greats Ellis Marsalis (father of Wynton & Branford Marsalis) & Terrence Blanchard (who has scores Spike Lee's films) but Brasco had the privilege of being fathered by legendary Jazz musician John "Kid" Simmons.

TEAM MFN does pop music, rock music, Jazz, Classical, country, electronic, dance, dubstep/trapstep, reggae, R&B, hip hop, as well as tv & film scores plus video game landscapes. Their list of accomplishments extends far beyond the realm of urban music as the trio of upstart musicians is focused on becoming the next great production entity


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