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Carsie Blanton

She's fun!


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I believe that music is magic, and everybody needs it.

Here’s what you ought to know about me. First off, I love songs. I love pop songs, folk songs, jazz, soul, and rock songs. I write whatever kind of song gets my point across most clearly. My point, usually, is about the miraculous, ridiculous, confusing joy of being alive.

I love American pop music from every decade (Louis Armstrong to Beyonce), any folk music with guts (Nick LowePatty Griffin), and just about anything that swings, grooves, or rocks (Billie HolidayThe BandDonny HathawayElvis Costello). Contenders for my favorite song of all time include "Do You Know What it Means to Miss New Orleans?", "Suzanne", and "F**k You".

I believe that music is magic, and everybody needs it. That’s why I give mine away.

I live in a pink house in New Orleans. I’ve got two dogs and a studio out back called The Watermelon. I grew up on a defunct cattle farm in Luray, Virginia. At sixteen I fled the coop to Eugene, Oregon. I cut my musical teeth in Philadelphia. I’ve played shows in forty-five states, most of Europe, and some of Australia. I’ve toured with Paul SimonThe Wood Brothers, and The Weepies. I ran a crazy-successful Kickstarter campaign. I’m an unschooler, a sex blogger, and finder of four-leaf-clovers.

If I died, and somebody came up to me in the afterlife and said, “What were the best parts?”, I’d have to say songs, sex, creativity, raw oysters, bravery, small children, and the feeling you get when somebody is utterly in tune with you, like the same spirit is kissing both your faces.

You can purchase Carsie's music on a "pay what you want" basis on Bandcamp:

All of my music is available for download, for any price you please, via Bandcamp. You can also hear my newest songs as soon as I write them, and “tip” me for them, via Patreon. Why? Because music is not a commodity, and songs are not worth $.99. They are worth whatever they are worth to you.


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