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DC Sills

Raised in the piney woods of Central Louisiana...


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Raised in the piney woods of Central Louisiana, DC Sills taught herself to play the guitar by watching Austin City Limits. Through time, practice, and hours of recorded ACL shows, she became good enough to play rhythm guitar in a bluegrass band in high school. Influenced by the local bluegrass and gospel music scene and through the tutelage of writers like Nanci Griffith and John Prine (via Austin City Limits), DC's songwriting career was born. Because of these influences, it is often hard to categorize DC's music. Is it country, folk, gospel or bluegrass?. That is for the listener to decide.

As a songwriter and performer DC feels both experienced and naive. She sums it up this way, "Sometimes it is a very scary thing, songwriting, telling people's stories, often turning fact into fiction, to protect the innocent and not so innocent. I don't know why I was chosen to have these words and melodies appear in my head but I am thankful and grateful."

In the early 90's, DC helped to create the "Trauma Momma's", a local 'party band'. It was this experience that gave her the performing bug and strengthened her songwriting skills. "Singing & playing songs you've written, hitting that groove where you just know the audience is as into it as you are... you just can't beat that feeling". Now a few years later, DC is ready to sing out and can often be found frequenting coffee houses & taverns from Boston to Phoenix to New Orleans to a town near you! Because after all it's all about the song, and until someone hears it... it is not truly born.

DC's first CD, Always a Tourist, was released in September 2005. This six song collection of songs is a tribute to "people met, people lost and people I just dreamed up" and is an eclectic blend of country, folk & bluegrass. The CD is available on-line at CDBaby. Cuts from Always a Tourist are currently receiving airplay on the following stations: KRVS (Lafayette, LA), Mighty Field of Visions Radio (Internet), Outboundmusic (Internet), Radio Sotra (Norway), WCVF (NY) and WEVL (Memphis).


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