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"1959" is an Alfred Hitchcock style picture with modern day horror and thrills set in 1950's South Louisiana.


Director:  John Swider

Screenwriter:  Jim Jackson

Producers:  Murray Anthony Roth & Wayne Douglas Morgan

Genre:  Thriller/Horror

Starring:  Eric Roberts, Zac Waggener, Claire Garrett, Wes Lagarde, Michelle West, Aaron Jay Rome, and David Joseph Martinez

It's graduation time for the Class of 1959, but five students have just failed their final essay and are facing summer school. However, their English teacher decides to give these five students from different cliques (the jock, the girl next door, the nerd, the easy girl, and the cool guy) a chance to redeem themselves by working together over the weekend to complete a final project. Things turn very bad when they all get trapped and terrorized inside of an old, mysterious, and vacant church where each is forced to face their biggest fears.

At the Lake Charles Film Festival awards ceremony, "1959" won 1) Best Homegrown Film (Louisiana), 2) Best Feature Film, and 3) (the big daddy) Best of Show! Plus, cast member, Michelle West, won Best Actress!

NOTE: This film been renamed "1959".  Previously is was titled "All American Horror."


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