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Sanctum Sanctorum

New CD by Fall of Seraphs - "Sanctum Sanctorum"


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Southern Black Metal from Louisiana. For fans of Mayhem, Goatwhore, Emperor, Death, Morbid Angel, Dimmu Borgir, Immortal, and Arcturus.

Back in 1982 two friends created their first band with a race track as a guitar and coffee cans as drums. That day after destroying every poster in the room as some sort of sacrifice to seal the bond, the Drew Bobcats (the name of our band) swore a vow to have a real band when they grew up.  Fast forward to today and those two friends are the creative force behind Fall of Seraphs and are on the brink of finishing the 9 track, full length debut album, tentatively titled "Sanctum Sanctorum".

You may remember us from the local, legendary extreme metal band MERCURIAL. We have plenty of great rewards to offer including GUITAR and DRUM LESSONS along with Fall of Seraphs & Mercurial Tshirts and demo CDs.

The recording is basically complete and in the mixing process. All that is left is to complete and pay for the art work by Moon Ring Designs and having Disc Makers create the 100 copies of CD Digi-packs.


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