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Wooden Wings (The)

In 2006, Cherie and Molly met at summer camp.  The rest is herstory.


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Start with two female vocalists shorter than your kid sister, a pair of rough-edged, Southern-tinged voices belting out notes sultry and fierce. With a couple of amped-up guitars and a steady percussive backbone, The Wooden Wings carve out their own sound in the blues-rooted city of New Orleans: a folk-fused brand of rock ‘n’ roll driven by hypnotic harmonies atop ear-catching melodies.

In 2006, Cherie and Molly met at summer camp - completely unaware of how much this would change the course of their lives. The Wooden Wings formed 3 years later and we've been working to establish our brand throughout the South ever since. With the addition of 3 incredibly talented guys, self-funding and creating 3 full records, and booking and promoting 3 tours- we are ready now more than ever to create a record in a professional studio for the first time in the 6-year history of The Wooden Wings. 

We've learned a lot along the way. We've grown as musicians and lyricists. We've been challenged. We've become immersed in our craft. All of these amazing adventures have led us to this point and we count our lucky stars every single day that we've had the opportunity to continue writing music.

We're growing up, and you've witnessed all of it - the good, the bad, and the awkward. With your help, we can continue telling the rest of this story (hopefully for many more years to come).

Thanks for your love and support.

<3 Cherie, Molly, Anthony, Harold & Albert

Members: Molly Portier-- Vocals & Guitar Cherie LeJeune-- Vocals & Guitar Harry Rosenberg - Lead guitar Albert Moliere - Bass Anthony Mikhael - Drums

Genre: Alternative Rock


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