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Paytone Records

Nicholas Payton's label


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Like the Ghanaian Sankofa bird in the PAYTONE RECORDS logo, it is Nicholas Payton’s mission to extract the richness and lost knowledge of the past in order to elevate today’s consciousness. Hailed as The Savior of Archaic Pop, Payton is rooted in tradition, yet he isn’t stuck there. His life’s work is to dismantle the status quo and to subvert mediocrity by giving rise to quality.

To date, the label has released three albums: #BAM Live at Bohemian Caverns; Sketches of Spain, the Miles Davis masterwork re-imagined and performed with Sinfonieorchester Basel;  and on July 22, 2014, Paytone Records released Numbers, featuring Butcher Brown, a Virginia ensemble composed of Corey Fonville, Devonne Harris, Keith Askey, and Andrew Randazzo.



Nicholas Peyton.

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