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Nicholas Peyton

Only I get to be snarky.


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Nicholas Payton is widely considered one of the greatest artists of our time. Hailed as a virtuoso before he was even out of high school, his unbridled talent has earned him praise and accolades, as well as insured his place in history.

“Payton’s clarion trumpet, as well as his genre-defying solos, stood at the center of the music making... Payton bent notes beyond recognition… No descriptive label or category could be affixed to Payton’s solos, which were as brashly original as they were technically imposing.”
— Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune, Dec. 1, 2012

President of PAYTONE Records, The King of Research, The Creator of #BAM, The Savior of Archaic Pop, and The Maharaja of #MFCOMN


owner of Paytone Records.

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