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G String Orchestra

Eastern European folk, gypsy, and klezmer music


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We are a four to ten person band based out of New Orleans, and live most of our lives on the road, traveling and touring in Alaska and Mexico, Europe and everywhere in between. Our music is original and traditional tunes influenced by Klezmer, Gypsy, and Eastern European folk music. We would like to give credit, however, to Tomasz Lato and Kroke for the origional version of the first track "Time". 

The G String Orchestra plays traditional and original eastern European folk and klezmer music and is based out of New Orleans, LA. GSO is currently an instrumental trio consisting of violin, accordion, and double bass playing pan-Balkan music ranging from romantic waltzes to driving coceks, pulsing horas to foot moving bulgars, heart wrenching greek rembetica ballads to the hungarian czardas!

As true to the spirit of the music, the G String Orchestra has traveled far and wide in an array of diverse modes of transport as colorful as the tunes themselves. From cars to buses, trains to planes, boats to bikes, beaches to snow capped mountain tops, the instruments have lead their way as they collect songs wherever they go, personalizing them with their own unique sound and bringing them back home. Their diverse and extensive instrumental repertoire will have you dancing, laughing or lost in reverie. Come the colder months, you can often find them in New Orleans playing the gambit of bars, listening rooms, cafes, restaurants and even busking on the streets when the weathers nice (and even when it's not!).

G String Orchestra, a  Gypsy/Klezmer/eastern European/ American folk band, began as the G String Quartet in the spring of 2006 loosely basing themselves out of New Orleans and Alaska. Their music has brought them to the far reaches of this planet in modes of hitch hiking to bike touring, car riding to jet setting. They've ranged from two to ten members playing in dive bars to street festivals, restaurants to parties and weddings. They began as a violin, accordion duo (Dem Triskers) and now are a core of three people, violin, accordion, and bass. However, the band has undergone many incarnations over the years existing as a simple trio, to a five piece band to sometimes a ten piece group, featuring instrumentation such as guitar, viola, banjo, cello, washtub bass, washboard, drums, trumpet, trombone, saxophone and piano. Each additional band mate has added their own influences and experiences to the band, giving flavors of punk, blues, Americana and New Orleans Jazz. The resulting music has changed and grown over the years but at its core is a music to make you cry, and music to make you dance. They play often on the streets, so as to reach a variety of listeners, but also play background music for dinner occasions, and in livelier moments have gotten up on the tables at bars and venues to keep the audience dancing past closing hours!

Some members of the G String Orchestra also play with Debauche the Russian Mafia Band. Check out that website



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