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An Assassin Redemption Story on the Louisiana Bayou.


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An Assassin Redemption Story

Paul Matthews was the perfect candidate for military black ops… loyal, tough, no relatives, and the best marksman in the history of the military. There?s only one problem: he?s got a heart. He is assigned to the Special Activities Division and makes hits for the CIA. “Don’t question the orders,” is the motto. The guilt and self-loathing build inside as the body count rises.

A mission to Cajun country along the Louisiana coast coincides with Paul’s emotional unraveling. It’s a waiting game for his target and just enough time for him to get involved with the victim’s family. Big mistake.

We know he can do it; but will he? What happens if he’s no longer an asset to the operation? It’s a tangled net of deception and life-and-death decisions set against the sun-dripped saltwater marsh.


Louisiana International Film Festival.

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