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The Fifth Guest and Other Louisiana Stories

A wonderful way to meet Louisiana’s diverse cultures.


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by Debra Faircloth
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“I grew up immersed in the South’s tradition of oral literature,” says Debra Faircloth. “My earliest memories are of drowsing under the quilt frames. As my mother and grandmother quilted, in soft hypnotic voices, they told and retold family myths and legends.” All but her dissertation in English, Faircloth left the academic life for the helping professions. Since earning an MSW at Grambling State University, she has worked as a clinical social worker and a domestic violence trainer and advocate, serving the victims of family violence in North and Central Louisiana. “When I recently compiled thirty years of short stories in one volume, I was surprised to see how my early fiction predicted my current work.” Repeated themes in Faircloth’s short stories are the descent into mental illness and the effects of family violence on its victims and its perpetrators. Faircloth has used her story-telling skills to help educate her community about Louisiana’s domestic violence epidemic. She lives in a century-old pecan orchard near the village of Dry Prong, Louisiana, with two Scottish terriers. The cover of this book and the drawing of Debra Faircloth inside are by noted North Louisiana artist Lacey Stinson. Known chiefly for his drawings and oil landscapes, Lacey has studios in both Ruston and in Alexandria, Louisiana, at the River Oaks Arts Center.

Review By Geri G. Taylor
I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to read the galley of this work.
Deb has a wonderful voice and her stories pull you into to the rich culture and wonderful settings of our state. I read this collection of stories a couple of years ago, and yet the characters and plots are still vivid in my memory as if they were people I knew or stories from my own family. Deb is a true artist with the written word. I actually met her one evening at a get together of other artistic minds (singing Karaoke of all things) and she was busy working on a poem to enter in a contest. She let me read her scribbles and scrawls (actually, she has beautiful penmanship) and I immediately recognized her gift for story telling, even in her rough draft.

I would like to add that Lacey Stinson, the talented artist that created her cover, has a true gift of artistic interpretation and what better way to share it with the world than through Deb’s book’s wonderful cover art. He is well know for his portraits and figures drawings with gentle lines that delicately caress the skin of his subjects and his trees that burst with character. Whatever Lacey draws, he brings out a beauty and depth like no other artist I know.
Geri G. Taylor



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