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Edwin Edwards: The Authorized Biography by Leo Honeycutt

Biography of Edwin Edwards


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Edwin Edwards: The Authorized Biography by Leo Honeycutt

The controversy and the facts

Profiled more times by 60 Minutes than any other governor in history, Edwin Edwards did not run from controversy, he embraced it. The quickest mind in politics, drafted once to run for president, elected governor four times, and friend of nearly every president since John Kennedy, as Louisiana’s fortunes dropped, however, so did those of the Cajun Prince.

Author Leo Honeycutt has painstakingly recreated the Edwards years and especially his 2000 trial. Was Edwards guilty of corruption or merely arrogance? Honeycutt clears the air with facts, only to expose what really changed Louisiana and is changing America.

“Leo Honeycutt teaches us more about the most stunningly powerful Louisiana politician of our time. Engaging, well-written, captivating –you won’t put it down.” —Dr. Wayne Parent, LSU Political Science

“We always knew Edwin would dance with the law but thought he’d outsmart them. Honeycutt tells us we were wrong, after intense research added to the words of an elegant white-haired prisoner.” —Earl Casey, CNN Atlanta


Leo Honeycutt

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