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Warren Storm, Willie Tee & Cypress - Swamp Pop Jukebox

Swamp Pop! Yeah!


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When speaking of these two Louisiana artists, one needs to know that music was always their first career choice. Warren (aka Warren Schexnayder) began his career at the age of 12, and Willie Tee (aka Wilven Trahan) at the age of 13. Although Willie was aware of Warren Storm, the two had not actually met until one night when they were both scheduled to play at the same club in different bands. An immediate friendship was formed and these two became as close as two brothers. Over the years they played along side each other, and in 1980 along with a friend, James Stelly, decided to form their own group, The Cypress Band.

Over the next four years, booking jobs was difficult when the oil boom fizzled out, causing the band to split up. Warren & Willie Tee continued to pursue individual careers, sometimes with each other in the same band as guests or working on their own with other bands. In 2004, because of popular demand, Warren & Willie decided to revive the Cypress band.

Musicians include: Warren Storm - lead vocals; Willie Tee Trahan - lead vocals & sax; Tommy Richard - guitarist; Karl Bordelon - keyboard; Gerald Romero - bass guitar; Kyle Dugas - drummer

In 2012, Warren left the group and "Warren Storm, Willie Tee & Cypress" became "Willie Tee & Cypress." Their latest release, Legends Making Memories, includes Willie Tee, Karl Bordelon, Tommy Richard, Scott Broussard & Carl Dugas with guest musicians Tommy McLain, Lynn August & Charles Mann. 


Bluesrag, April-May 2014

Having Warren Storm and Willie Tee stock a SWAMP POP JUKEBOX is like asking Frost and Dickinson to pen a pad of poems: The job can be perfected a thousand times over. Such expertise comes from the two legendary singers learning their game back in the '50s and having never left the swamp since. Tasty cover material sniffed out from far and wide gets just as passionately devoured as ever. So Merle Haggard's "Wake Up" and Fats Domino's "What's the Reason I'm Not Pleasing You" are just as much fair game as are "I'll Try One More Time" from Louisiana rockabilly king Johnny Janot or "Don't Give Up on Me" by today's Cajun Burt Bacharach, Ivy Dugas. Since the tastiest songs seem to be those with bittersweet cores, Rhonda Vincent's self-lacerating "Teardrops Over You" is the first on the list to be given the full Cypress treatment. That typically entails the veteran band tailoring more syrupy tempos with nicely rounded melodic corners to put the smoother Storm and rougher Tee so at ease to croon away the day, laying their hearts on the line for a Bobby Charles or King Karl tune. Plus, Tee loves to blow dollops of his hallmark saxophone under those same conditions. But blink and you'll miss the set's real unsung heroics. Midway through the bopping "Look at Her," guitarist Tommy Richard daringly hurls an amazing 16-second fireball that reminds us that lightning very much can strike out of nowhere in Warren n' Willie's Cypress swamp. 

~Dennis Rozanski


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