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In his first year as a 7th grade math teacher, Lorenzo fused his musical talents with his passion for teaching and began making songs to help his math students learn key concepts. Over time, it became apparent to Lorenzo that the true impact of his music was that it helped him run his class more effectively and efficiently. Seeing other teachers in his school struggle mightily with classroom management, Lorenzo began creating songs specifically to help teachers manage classroom routines and Education Everytime was born.

In 2011 Lorenzo moved to New Orleans, a city at the forefront of music and education reform, in hopes of expanding the impact of E-Squared Music. He taught writing at KIPP New Orleans Leadership Academy and continued to make songs for the school and his colleagues. In 2012, Lorenzo participated in a business accelerator sponsored by Idea Village. He was mentored by other entrepreneurs and provided with insights and services that helped take Education Everytime from a powerful idea to a sustainable business.

While participating in the Idea Village accelerator, Lorenzo continued to teach and became the 5th grade-level chair at KIPP NOLA. As grade-level chair, Lorenzo began creating songs to manage entire grade-wide routines, such as cleaning up the cafeteria and transitioning between classes. The music made these mundane school routines fun for students and easy for his colleagues to manage. By establishing a clear beginning and end to both classroom and grade-wide routines, E-Squared 

Music limited the time wasted on them, maximizing student learning time and resulting in greater student achievement.

In 2013, the newly formed E-Squared Team transitioned from the classroom and began to partner with schools to develop systems and routines managed by custom-made music.  At the end of August, Education Everytime will officially launch its music streaming service at

Education Everytime creates music which will available through an App designed primarily for schools.

Lorenzo Castillo

KIPP Alum, TFA Houston ’09 corps member, KIPP Polaris Academy for boys 7th grade math (2009-2011), KIPP New Orleans Leadership Academy 6th grade writing (2011-2012), KIPP New Orleans Leadership Academy grade-level chair and 5th grade math (2012-2013).

Spencer Gray

TFA NYC ’08 corps member, Bronx Community High School (an alternative high school) social studies (2008-2010), Green Dot Charter SAT prep (2010-2012), KIPP New Orleans Leadership Academy 5th grade reading (2012-2013), Master of Science in Teaching Fordham University (2010).


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