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New Orleans Pie - The Series

Going back to college sounds like a good idea but what will these 2 girls get themselves into? 


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They hope they are smarter the second time around.  Their peaceful duo is ruined in episode 1 when cousin Ted decides to pay a visit with his side kick Rex and so the journey begins!


New Orleans Pie is a comedy in New Orleans. A few late 20's beauties decide to drop out of Corporate America and head back to College for round 2 and to a life of no commitments, no traffic, no bosses and tons of random fun! The only commitments they have are homework, showing up for class and being as crazy as possible!

They are trying to relive their college years but things kind of flop out on them every time. Their girlfriend from the past comes into the picture and now the 3 of them are bent on partying like Rock-stars and reliving their past one more time before it’s too late.

These girls do what the boys do, they take advantage of guys, use them to get what they want but it’s always in the name of fun. They smoke cigars, play pool, poker and beer pong and they do it well. With random neighbors popping in and the sexy twins taunting Ted and Rex (the 2 supporting males), there is never a dull moment, oh and don’t forget the Chinese man that just shows up at the most inopportune times! It’s a cross between Friends and Seinfeld with the main setting being a large condo in an upscale condo community that has a shared common area and swimming pool, things will be heating up at the pool this summer.

Produced in New Orleans. Directed by Deanna Meske.




Deanna Meske - Courtney

Michelle West - Jillian

Garrett Hines - Cousin Ted

Gregory P Williams - Rex


Jaqueline Fleming - Melinda

Roy Farthing - Zack

John Chan - Chinese Guy

John Swider -  Biff

Kim Ormiston - Twin

Mysty Ormiston - Twin

Alex Asefa - Neighbor

Hunter Vuljion - Nephew



Deanna Meske

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