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Deanna Meske

Producer, Writer, Actress


YouTube Video

YouTube Video

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Talented producer, director, writer and actress, located in New Orleans.

"After attending an artists convention, I made my very first film on my own which I a lead role in. It was such a rush that I just had to do it again and again and again!  

After another short film I formed my company Outlook Productions and now  work with a team to create web videos for businesses, short films and mini series for the web! I've learned so much as an actress and am eager to dive into my next project. 

Short films she stars in

Now, don't let my diversity mislead you, my main purpose in life is always performing in front of the camera & Outlook Productions is a vehicle to achieve that goal in between other booked roles!

Deanna Meske made her debut in several independent movies like "At the House of Madness", "Girls Gone Gangsta" and Shriek of the Sasquatch", which lead to a role in the long running "1000 Ways to Die" TV Program, "Mystery Diners" on the Food Network, "Southern Fried Homicide" on Investigation Discovery, a strong supporting role in a film for cable & Netflix called "#1 Cheerleader Camp" and most recently into a supporting role opposite of Shirley Maclaine, Christopher Plummer and Scott Bakula in "Elsa & Fred" hitting theaters in 2013.

Deanna also has done a lot of hosting for Chevy, Toyota, Friday's, Liberty News, iVisionTV, Mobile Internet Report, HRC Tv and a slew of others along with several new feature and short films in the making.

She has leading roles in array of low to moderate budgeted Indie Films and local running TV programs and is making her way into the fast lane by producing 2 of her own web series that she created titled New Orleans Pie and Government LIes. Government LIes launched it's pilot and can be seen, the next 2 episodes come out in June 2013 and New Orleans Pie will launch 4 episodes in July 2013.

She is the President of Outlook Productions, you can view some of her work here: and


Producer New Orleans Pie - The Series.

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