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The Lewinskys

An experiment gone right.


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The Lewinskys started as an experiment...could a band rooted in musical styles from the 90s make it in today's music scene...and the answer was 'Yes'! The Lewinskys take the best of the 90s from all generes and present them in a lively show filled with dancing and sing-along tunes.

The Lewinskys have played venues ranging from Zephyr Stadium in New Orleans, giant sponsored parties (Gulf Coast Half Marathon), church fairs, and down to our favorite venues...our local clubs.

The Lewinskys feed off of crowd energy and as such, we strive to make that our number one goal. We are in this for the love of music and the love of entertaining. Experience the 90s again with The Lewinskys!

Musical Style:
Covers of fun, danceable songs from the 90s, 2000s and today. Set list is made up of 75% 90 songs and 25% 2000s and today.

Houma, LA

Todd Adams, Steve Junot, Chris Eaton and Ashley Taylor


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