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Book: Rapture by Poppy Jackson


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Poppy Jackson introduces the second book of her new trilogy, "Imaginary!"

Born in New Orleans and now residing in Chattanooga, Poppy Jackson is quickly being recognized as one of the South's hottest new authors. Creating riveting stories of romance, vampires, intrique and hope, Ms. Jackson's novels are causing readers to fall madly in love with their main characters: Charlotte, Moody and Benjamin.

Charlotte finally has Benjamin back, but her imaginary childhood friend has turned into something far more than she ever conjured up! Just as the dust starts to settle, her friend Moody receives a letter from the death bed of his biological father. With the foreboding threat of Catherine looming over them all, Benjamin sends Charlotte and Moody away to pay respects to his dying father, and for their own safety.



Poppy Jackson

W2G Publishing.

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