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Southern Soul Assembly

Live performance group consisting of multi-talented, Louisiana-influenced musicians JJ Grey, Luther Dickinson, Anders Osborne, Marc Broussard.


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Southern Soul Assembly - an artist-in-the-round performance series featuring JJ Grey, Marc Broussard, Anders Osborne, and Luther Dickinson - finds four talented singer/songwriters sharing the stage for an amazing night of songs and stories. With each artist uniquely inspired by their deep Southern roots, the Southern Soul Assembly delivers a passionate, authentic, and deeply soulful homage to the rich Southern musical spirit.

Dishing up an “easy-going, but ever-surprising blend of acoustic songs, styles, stories and smiles” (WXRT), Southern Soul Assembly debuted last spring to rave reviews. Hailed as a “perfect night” (BlogCritics) filled with “a mutual appreciation from the fans and artists alike” (Southern Manners), The Southern Soul Assembly takes audiences on a musical and storytelling journey complete with “soaring moments, heartfelt laughs and lots of toe tapping” (Twangville). The result: “sheer dynamite” (

By all accounts, Southern Soul Assembly lives up to its name, drawing from the rich legacy of American Southern culture of the players. “Just like food in the South, our music is greasier than most,” says Broussard. “The beat is on the backside, generally, because it gets too hot for people to move too quickly.”

Each of the four musicians comes to the SSA with a proven track record in the oTen-overlapping genres of music most closely associated with the South. “That’s where we all come from,” says Grey, best known as the frontman of Jacksonville, Florida’s JJ Grey & Mofro, whose hybrid mix of soul, funk, blues and gutsy rock is sure to find its way to the Assembly’s gigs as well. “The South is in each of us.”

Indeed, each member brings a strong Southern pedigree to the tour. But as Louisiana’s Broussard explains, “I'd say we all have a different take on what the South really is. I come from the hub of Cajun culture, distinct in many ways even from New Orleans just down the road. From what I can tell, we all seem to approach writing with groove in mind, for the most part. But the physical locales from which we each hail, as well as the accompanying cultural implications, necessarily prompt us all to approach lyric writing differently.”

Broussard, although only in his early 30s, has been making an impact since his first releases more than a decade ago. His albums, including 2007’s S.O.S.: Save Our Soul and his self-titled 2011 effort, have all found a devoted core audience that will undoubtedly delight in witnessing him interact with the other members of theSouthern Soul Assembly.

Anders Osborne, although born in Sweden, is about as American as it gets, having long ago established himself as a New Orleans mainstay. His recordings, most recently for the legendary Alligator label, reveal an artist steeped in Southern traditions. 

Luther Dickinson, the Memphis-born lead guitarist and vocalist of the North Mississippi Allstars, is a highly prolific artist who not only keeps the blues alive, but has taken it to new places. And Grey, for more than a decade, has written about the lifestyle and spirit of the South, re - imagining classic soul music for contemporary listeners.

"It's great fun to hand the song off, trade songs and go around the horn," says Grey. "It's like a big 'ole Southern family reunion.”


Anders Osborne

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