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Independence, Louisiana

Cool Jazz


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From NoiseTrade:

Independence, Louisiana is a multi-genre record covering the styles of New Orleans jazz, new folk, pop, funk, Latin jazz, and blues. Finished only months before Hurricane Katrina changed the musical landscape of New Orleans in 2005, this record is a unique snapshot in time that will never be reproduced. The 13-song CD features 20 New Orleans musicians from the local scene, many of whom scattered in the diaspora that followed the storm. © 2005 | Divine Mercy Music (ASCAP) Produced, Engineered, Edited, and All String Arrangements by Cale Pellick

Track List

I Like The Feeling

Traveling at Night

Independence, Louisiana

Give it Away

What Can I Do For You?

Woodpecker's Song

King of Elephants

Stalking Crazy


Pirate's Play

Lucy's Light

Divine Mercy

Nobody's Listening

Musicians on this CD Burke Ingraffia vocals, steel-string acoustic and electric guitars Cale Pellick drums, alto saxophone, background vocals, and accordion David Ellington piano David Hyde electric and fretless basses John Gros b3 Organ, keys, background vocals Michael Skinkus percussion Grayson Capps background vocals and slide guitar Theresa Andersson background vocals Jesse Boyd upright bass Ted Ludwig seven-string electric guitar June Yamigishi screaming electric guitar solo Dr. Danny Acosta nylon-string guitar Jeff Burke banjo and mandolin Matt Rhody violin David Rebeck viola Eloise Chopin cello Matt Perrine Sousaphone Rick Trolsen trombone Tom Fischer clarinet Lacy Blackledge flugel horn


Burke Ingraffia is a New Orleans native singer/songwriter who writes jazzy folk music, or perhaps folky jazz music. He plays and writes using jazz structures commonly found in his hometown and combines that feel with the genteel leisurely wisdom of the Deep South.

Best Singer/Songwriter You've Never Heard of!     
by The Coz

New Orleans' Burke Ingraffia crafts an absolute winner with Independence, Louisiana. An honest, smart, and witty exploration of human emotion, Ingraffia hooks you from the very opening notes. Especially moving are the title track where Ingraffia pays tribute to his familial roots and a song sure to resonate with even the most cynical romantic, "What Can I Do for You?" The listener need go no further than "Woodpecker's Song" to learn the depth of Ingraffia's lyrical wit. “King of Elephants” and “Stalking” clearly demonstrate Ingraffia’s musical and lyrical talent in treating the human condition with equal parts reverence and humor while never sounding trite, forced, or melodramatic. As every song in this collection is crafted in a different musical style there is something here to tickle any music lover’s fancy. Give Independence, Louisiana a listen and you will be the next to hop on the Burke Ingraffia bandwagon.


Burke Ingraffia

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