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Thunderbolt by Chip Songy

Scandal in the Catholic Church: Will It Lead to Positive Change?

A young priest is on the fast track for promotion up the chain of authority in the Catholic Church, when he is embraced by a clandestine group of influential bishops.  His relationship with the church, and a lovely young parishioner he is counseling, will change  his life as he explores issues of celibacy, male dominance in the church, and marital annulments.


Chip Songy.

After finishing LSU Law School and practicing law in Baton Rouge for several years, Chip joined two friends in a startup real estate development company.  He recently retired after working with his partners for thirty six years to grow Stirling Properties into one of the largest full-service real estate companies in the Gulf South, now managing approximately 15 million square feet of retail, office, and multi-family properties.

Chip has been an active lay member in the Catholic Church throughout his career, focusing on Catholic schools in particular and education in general.  He now serves as an adjunct professor at LSU Law School each spring.

He loves to fly fish and bow hunt throughout the United States, while still attempting to improve his golf game.

Chip has three married children and three grand children, and resides in Baton Rouge.

ISBN 978-0-578-13895-4

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