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Will The iPhone 6′s New Camera Forever Change Filmmaking?

A high-quality camera filmmakers - and those who aspire to be - can keep in their pockets.

-- from Wired

Amidst all the hoopla over the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and their motion processors, faster CPUs, and larger screens, it was also announced that Apple’s latest smartphones would have a much better camera. And while that’s great news for those looking to take less-wack selfies at the bar, the new video features that come along with it mean something else: a high-quality camera filmmakers—and those who aspire to be—can keep in their pockets.

“The iPhone has been here for a while, but in 2015 I think there’s going to be dozens, hundreds, of movies shot on the iPhone 6. I hope, at least, people find it a useful tool,” says Ricky Fosheim, the director of And Uneasy Lies the Mind, a feature film he made entirely on an iPhone 5 for $15,000 and managed to get into this spring’s South By Southwest Film Festival. (It’s out on VOD this month.)

“Now, every new model of the iPhone that comes out, it’s getting rid of those imperfections,” he says. “It’s adding video stabilization, it’s increasing resolution, it’s making it less grain-y, and hopefully with the new sensor it’s increasing the dynamic range. But you don’t need to go through elaborate training to use this thing, it’s literally just that you can take it out of your pocket and start filming and you can come up with something amazing.”

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