This Project is Currently in Development stage only. Thank you for your patience while we get it together.

Goals for ImLAonline:

Create a web portal about the Louisiana Arts, with a focus on written word, music, and video productions. The system would be community funded and community edited, with a team of Curators overseeing the entries being made by the community.

ImLAonline would consist of the best features of IMDB, FaceBook and Wikipedia, along with live chats (authors could have a chat night with their fans) and curated messaging (authors could decide who, if anyone, could message them directly).
IMDB: Shows connections between artists, their works, and their publisher. Allows for discovery, "I knew Alice wrote XYZ, but I had no idea she also news stories for ABC Magazine!"
Wikipedia: Stakeholder (authors, musicians, bands, filmmakers) can edit and update their own information, all under a community curation system that insures that no one abuses the system or enters false or derogatory information.
FaceBook: Allows "Liking" an artist or work of Art, allows commenting on that entity, and allows the viewing of connections between artists, their art, connected works and connected artists.

In short, ImLAonline will be public-focused humanities site, tailored to specific Arts. It will be social and community-driven, with curation maintaining the academic accuracy of the data. Audience participation will begin with exploration, and there are several avenues to stumble upon new information rather than having to actively search for it. Audience participation will continue through community content creation (Wikipedia style), a community commenting system (moderated), a live chat-with-the-artists module, and a private messaging system if an Artist chooses to allow fans to do so.

Other features to be added as funding is raised:

  • Live Chats (authors, bands, filmmakers)

  • Comments (Like a new CD? You can say so!)

  • Private messaging between agreeable entities (Entities can set who can send private messages to them or not.)

  • Community input system (The community creates the data, we just curate it.)

  • Template to build other art modules for photography, creative arts, studio arts, cuisine

While there are many forms of art, we purposefully decided to remain focused on the arts we are most involved in: Film & TV, Music, and Books focused on Louisiana, created in Louisiana, or created by Louisiana artists. With this in mind, you will learn that we are supporters of many related arts such as the written word (magazines, newspapers and online media outlets), and video of all kinds (podcasts, music videos, streaming web series, etc.).

Our long term goal is to make ImLAonline / free, and eventually a non-profit community organization. In the meantime, it is your donations via PayPal, Patreon and other sites that pay to keep this site up and running. At some point, we may charge for some professional services and advertising, and those funds will go directly to the design and upkeep of the site.

Currently we are:
Gary Dauphin: Director of Technology - Email
Pending: Curator of Music
Mason Dauphin: Curator of Film, Television and Streaming Video - Email
Pending: Curator of Written Word


When will ImNOLA be operational?

We are slowly rolling out features of ImNOLA now. We expect Phase 1 of the site to be fully operational by September 2014, depending on how funding goes from our contributors. After we rollout the initial version, we will then begin Phase 2, where we rollout an improved look and feel (user experience), and a more community driven, socially-focused version of the site.

Our goal is to give you an entertaining site that is fun to use, and is informative about the arts in Louisiana. The site will help you make connections between movies and actors, music and performers, books and their authors.
We cannot achieve these goals without the community's financial support. That means you!

Who owns
Currently, ImNOLA / ImLAonline is owned by Write2Grow, LLC, a small publishing and technology company based out of Luling, Louisiana. It is our long term goal to make the site self-funding (through your contributions), and to spin it out as a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.

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